Financial assistance from a Trust

Money can be released from a trust fund when it will be used for the benefit of the minor child or beneficiary. Common needs are:

  • education expenses such as school fees, a laptop, or music lesson;
  • health expenses such as dentist or psychology appointments;
  • in some cases, items such as purchasing a mobile phone for the minor child or beneficiary can also be considered.

How to request financial assistance

Requests for financial assistance can be made by a guardian, or a trust beneficiary who is over 18 years of age.

Please send requests to, making sure to include the following information:

  • the full name of the minor/beneficiary of the trust;
  • your Public Trustee identification number (this can be found on letters/statements you have received);
  • your full name;
  • a quote or invoice, or a receipt if you have already paid for the item or service; and
  • your written request for funds to be released from the trust.

We prefer to make payments directly to suppliers (e.g. the school or uniform shop), but we can also reimburse you directly if you have already paid for an item or service.

How long does a request take?

After receiving a request, we will determine if the request is for the benefit of the minor child or beneficiary. You will normally receive an answer by either email or phone within two business days. In some cases, we may contact you for additional information about the request.

More information

For more information please call 1300 436 321 or email

Last published: 25/11/2020 9:39:46 PM