Queensland Gives

Established in 1997, Queensland Gives provides a permanent source of funding for charitable organisations to enable them to respond to the needs of the Queensland community. The foundation achieves this through the promotion of philanthropy, investing donated monies, distributing income earned and giving grants to charities.

The Trust is set up to allow Queenslanders to donate funds for charitable purposes or community causes on a perpetual basis. The funding pool is acquired through general donations from individuals and corporations, bequests and investment funds.

Queensland Gives is run by a voluntary Board of Governors with a wealth of experience and expertise overseeing the Trust’s operations. The Board’s primary role is to provide strategic and policy advice, and to recommend to the Trustee where funds should be allocated.

Former Premier, The Hon. Mike Ahern AO, is Patron of the foundation.

As the Trustee of the Trust, the Public Trustee is responsible for administering, investing and distributing funds. The Trustee determines how money is distributed after considering the Board of Governors’ recommendations.

Each year Queensland Gives campaigns for Philanthropy Week in Queensland, which aims to raise awareness of philanthropy within the state. Visit the Queensland Gives website for more information about Philanthropy Week and how you can get involved.

How can I donate?

There are different ways to donate to Queensland Gives. Donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Donate to an existing fund

If you’d like to see the benefits of your donation in your lifetime, then give something today. You can also choose to name the Queensland Gives as the beneficiary of your Will.

If you’re making a Will with us, simply let us know during your appointment that you would like to leave a bequest to Queensland Gives' General Fund, or any of the existing sub-funds, or set up a sub-fund in memoriam.

Setting up a new sub-fund

Setting up a sub-fund with Queensland Gives is fast and simple. The Trust structure employed is existing and has no administration or set-up charges, making it a convenient and cost-effective way to give back to your local community.

All you need is:

  • the name of the sub-fund
  • a paragraph detailing the intent and purpose
  • a cheque for the initial deposit made out to the Queensland Gives.

What are the administration costs involved?

The development and administrative costs of Queensland Gives are funded through corporate sponsorship. Therefore the foundation itself does not charge legal or fund set-up fees when you donate to the foundation. (Trustee fees are charged for the Trust.)

Is it safe to donate to this trust?

As an independent body and the foundation’s Trustee, the Public Trustee has the final say in the distribution of income earned from the Trust fund. The Public Trustee has been serving the Queensland community for over 100 years and has significant experience in the safe and responsible management of trusts.

The Public Trustee works closely with QIC (one of Australia’s largest institutional investment managers) to manage the fund’s investments efficiently. Funds donated are invested to balance capital growth and income, providing secure philanthropic investments.

How do I find out more information on the Queensland Gives?

Visit the Queensland Gives website to find out more.

Last published: 7/12/2023 3:15:02 AM