Public Trustee cites significant growth and community contribution

6 April 2022

The Public Trustee’s 2019 – 2020 Annual Report has been tabled in parliament citing significant growth and a record contribution of over $38 million in Community Service Obligations.

The Acting Public Trustee of Queensland and CEO Samay Zhouand said the Public Trustee continues to play a pivotal role in providing the delivery of important trustee, estate and financial administration services.

The past year has seen the Public Trustee provide support to thousands of Queenslanders, assisting some of Queensland’s most vulnerable people despite the COVID-19 pandemic and its global financial impacts.

"The Public Trustee provides over 9,300 people with support to manage their finances and pay for expenses for the things they need. Most of these customers have impaired capability from intellectual disability, mental health issue, acquired brain injury or an age related condition," he said.

In the 2019-20 financial year, the Public Trustee provided over $38 million in community service obligations, including $29.2M in fees rebated for customers with limited assets, over 24,000 Wills at no cost to Queenslanders, and community funding and education.

Other notable achievements for the 2019-2020 financial year include exceeding previous customer satisfaction ratings with a result of 95 per cent for Will preparation services, the preparation of over 2,550 enduring powers of attorney and the management of over 4,300 trusts.

"As Queensland’s population ages, demand for the Public Trustee’s services is expected to increase," Mr Zhouand said.

"This is why it is essential that organisations such as the Public Trustee put a relentless focus on continuous improvement and meeting the changing needs and interests of customers and the Queensland community.

"With the introduction of the Human Rights Act earlier this year, the Public Trustee has developed a new Customers First Agenda and updated the Strategic Plan 2020-2024 to include a new purpose: ‘To enhance and protect our customers’ rights, dignity and interests’.

"This year has been one of significant change at the Public Trustee and I am proud of the Public Trustee’s outstanding achievements.

"I look forward to the year ahead as we continue to advance as a modern, learning and customer focussed organisation that is committed to human rights, transparency, sustainability and continuous improvement," Mr Zhouand said.

View the full report at The Public Trustee’s Annual Report 2019-2020. To find out more about the Public Trustee visit: or contact them direct on 1300 360 044.

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Last published: 21/02/2024 1:33:33 AM