Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation (QATSIF)

QATSIF was established in 2008 to give Queensland's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families increased educational choices and life opportunities.

The foundation provides scholarships to young eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders in Years 11 and 12 to help them stay in school to achieve their Queensland Certificate of Education.

Funding is primarily generated through the interest earned on the original capital used to establish the Trust in 2008. The fund has also benefited from some corporate funding, and is now supported by additional State Government funding. This ensures the viability of the foundation for generations to come.

QATSIF has a Board of Advice comprised of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and non-Indigenous people who are experts and leaders in their fields. The Chair is Professor Cindy Shannon. The Board is responsible for making recommendations on how funds should be used to achieve QATSIF's objectives and partnering with the wider community to promote both equity and cultural awareness for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders.

Aunty Ruth Hegarty is the Patron of the foundation.

QATSIF has awarded over 7,300 scholarships to young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders in over 270 high schools throughout Queensland.

The Public Trustee is the foundation’s trustee and is responsible for investing and granting funds, taking in to account the Board of Advice’s recommendations.

How can I donate?

Your donation is invaluable. It can make a difference as to whether a young Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student can afford to stay at school until graduation in Year 12.  Together—schools, families, communities, donors and administrators—we can encourage Queensland's future leaders to reach their full potential, not just academically but vocationally and culturally. This can be the cornerstone of an inclusive and supportive Queensland.

Individuals and corporations can donate.


You can donate through your Will, or in your lifetime.

If you’re making a Will with us, just let us know during your appointment that you’d like to leave a bequest to the foundation.

Donations can be made directly to QATSIF by sending a cheque or money order to the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation.


If your organisation would like to commit to increase knowledge of Indigenous culture in Queensland, QATSIF is the solution. Corporate sponsorship and donations can be made directly to the foundation.

If you’re an individual or an organisation looking to make a donation, you can do so by emailing the trust at enquiries@qatsif.org.au or by calling 07 3257 1777.

Donations over $2 are tax deductable.

How do I find out more information on QATSIF?

Visit the QATSIF website to find out more.

Last published: 11/09/2019 5:22:27 AM