Our Priorities

The Public Trust office demonstrates its priorities and accountability to government and the community through a number of corporate documents including the annual report, service delivery statements and budget highlights.

Output Highlights

The Public Trust Office’s output, planning and reporting structure details how our business and service plans are based on the government’s priorities.

The annual report discusses the offices output highlights as follows:

  • Current Disability Service Clients
  • Disability Services and Trust CSO Matters
  • Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney Prepared
  • Funds Under Management

Services are aligned to the government’s priorities and are focused on the department’s strategic goals:

Equity: ensuring our institutions, laws and services are equitable and fair in the justice system and marketplace, and contribute to a safe community

Reform: maintaining contemporary, relevant and innovative laws and services that reflect the community’s needs and expectations Capability: maintaining an organisational culture of performance, accountability, client service excellence, collaboration and staff capability.

PDF documents

Some documents listed in the publications scheme are currently only available as PDF. Should you have difficulty accessing this information please contact the Right to Information Coordinator, who will endeavour to meet any reasonable request for an alternate version of the document without charge.

Last published: 15/02/2022 3:57:41 AM