Nominated person service

In your enduring power of attorney document, you can direct your attorney to provide information to one or more people about your financial or personal matters. The people you nominate to receive this information are called your nominated persons.

The persons to receive the information might be yourself, other current attorneys, or any other person you nominate.

You do not have to name a nominated person in your enduring power of attorney.

Learn more about the role of a nominated person in the enduring power of attorney explanatory guide

Appointing a nominated person for financial matters

If you wish to appoint a nominated person, we recommend you choose a trusted person and someone who is completely independent to your attorney, and who can check that the attorney is making decisions in your interests. This could be a family member, friend, or colleague who will likely undertake the role at no charge. You should discuss your intentions with the family member friend or colleague before naming them as the nominated person.

If you do not have a trusted family member, friend, or colleague that you wish to appoint as a nominated person, you could consider appointing a solicitor, accountant, private trustee company or the Public Trustee. Solicitors, accountants, and private trustee companies will likely charge you a fee for this service and it is recommended that you speak to them before naming them as your nominated person.

You can nominate the Public Trustee to receive information about your financial affairs as your nominated person for financial matters. The Public Trustee is unable to act as a nominated person for personal (including health) matters.

Please note that the Public Trustee charges fees for its nominated person services.

Before naming the Public Trustee as your Nominated Person in your Enduring Power or Attorney you should review the material available on our website. To find out more about our Nominated Person service, view our:

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Last published: 23/05/2022 12:46:28 AM