Do you have a share of more than 180 million in unclaimed money?

30 November 2021

Queenslanders could be in for an end of year bonus with more than 1 and a half million entries on the unclaimed money register.

The Public Trustee is calling on Queenslanders to find out if they have a share in more than 180 million dollars.

Public Trustee of Queensland and CEO Samay Zhouand said the Public Trustee has been safeguarding Queenslanders unclaimed money since the 1960’s.

“Many Queenslanders may not realise they have unclaimed money allocated to them,” he said.

“A change of name, address, or forgetting to update contact details are some of the common reasons why some people may not have received money that is owed to them.

Some unclaimed money claims paid to Queenslanders, are enough to change a person’s life – with the largest claim made totalling more than $750,000.

Last financial year, the Public Trustee processed and paid 4,667 in unclaimed money claims totalling more than $3.5 million dollars.

Funds are owed to people from all over, with almost 13 million dollars currently owed to the residents of Brisbane alone.

“We are reminding people to check the unclaimed money register this holiday season.

“We want to ensure that people are reunited with their funds,” Mr Zhouand said.

Queenslanders can find if they are due any money or make a claim through the Public Trustee website.

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Last published: 21/02/2024 1:33:33 AM