International Day of Happiness celebrates the power of giving and kindness

20 March 2023

Queenslanders are being urged to celebrate the United Nation’s International Day of Happiness, by carrying out a small act of kindness for a friend, colleague or even a stranger.

Celebrated every March 20, this year’s theme is the daily practice of being mindful, grateful and kind, to help create a happier and kinder world.

Public Trustee Samay Zhouand said one of the most effective ways to ensure our own happiness and the happiness of others is through giving and kindness. Small acts of giving and kindness can make a huge difference in our own lives and to the lives of those around us.

“Giving and kindness can be expressed in many ways, including buying a coffee for a friend or colleague, helping someone with a difficult task, giving our time and attention to someone, or supporting a charity. Donating to a charity or leaving a legacy through our Will are also meaningful ways to make a positive impact our own happiness and the happiness of others,” Mr Zhouand said.

“Charitable giving makes a real difference to people’s lives and the Public Trustee of Queensland is trustee of a number of philanthropic charitable trusts which along with other charitable organisations benefit from legacies made through Wills”.

“The Public Trustee values the important contribution charitable organisations make to people’s lives, and to society – whether that be supporting people experiencing homelessness, tackling environmental issues, or ensuring culture and art are preserved for generations to come”. 

"Every act of giving and kindness – large or small, can generate a sense of happiness and all have a positive impact on the world," said Mr Zhouand.

Visit to learn more about the Public Trustee’s charitable trusts and philanthropic giving through a Will.

Last published: 21/02/2024 1:33:32 AM