It’s time to discuss Advance life planning for our LGBTIQA+ loved ones

24 February 2023

Love is love.

There are all kinds of relationships and so many ways to define a family and loved ones. One thing we all have in common is the need make our intentions clear by making a Will or Enduring Power of Attorney, so our choices and wishes can be recognised in the event that we pass away or lose decision-making capacity.

Research collected for the Queensland Public Trustee in 2021 indicates that non-traditional families are more reticent to plan for the future.

The research found that LGBTIQA+ Queenslanders were almost twice as likely to feel uncomfortable discussing advance life planning than the rest of the community.

The research also showed only 63 per cent of those surveyed from the LGBTIQA+ community said they felt making a Will was something everyone should do, compared with 80 per cent of the broader population.

As Australia hosts WorldPride for the first time from 17 February to 5 March 2023, it’s timely to shine a light on the importance of advance life planning for our LGBTIQA+ friends and loved ones.  

Same-sex relationships in Australia are recognised as de facto unions and the law is applied in the same way as heterosexual partnerships. However, the lines can be less clear when it comes to your chosen family versus the people you have a birth connection to.

The best way to make sure your estate gets passed to the people or charities that are important in your life is to draw up a Will that clearly expresses your wishes. And if you have children, it’s even more important to ensure that plans are in place for their care.

It’s also crucial to have an Enduring Power of Attorney in place that appoints the people you trust to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to make them for yourself. An advanced health directive can also be completed to outline your wishes in relation to health care decisions.

All relationships matter and everyone over 18 should put advanced life plans in place – particularly if your family or friends don’t respect or acknowledge your circumstances.

If you need advice about making your Will or putting in place an Enduring Power of Attorney, use WorldPride month to start the conversation including seek advice from a legal professional who can help you put plans in place that meet your personal needs.  

Last published: 21/02/2024 1:33:32 AM