Stand together united in action and speak out against elder abuse

15 June 2022

ONE third of older people have experienced ageism and one in six have experienced elder abuse, according to recent research.

These crimes are often concealed, happen behind closed doors and are vastly under-reported - with only one third of elder abuse victims seeking support.

Elder abuse is a complex issue, occurring in every Queensland community.

Devastatingly, family members are the most common perpetrators of elder abuse.

Raising the awareness of elder abuse is critical, with 15 percent of Australians being 65 years or older and expected to rise to almost 25 percent by 2066.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is held on 15 June each year and is a day where we must all stand united in action and speak out against elder abuse.

Regional elder abuse forums, facilitated by the Public Trustee, explored the complexity of responding to and supporting those experiencing elder abuse in our communities.

From Queensland’s outback to the coast, and up to the Far North, the prevention of elder abuse was consistently founded in the same principals - connection, inclusivity, and respect for every one of every age.

Discrimination, isolation and segregation erodes the self-worth of older people and silences them with feelings of powerlessness.

This is a catalyst for abuse.

The consequences are severe, including adverse health implications, lower life expectancy, social isolation and negative mental health impacts, along with an economic cost.

We simply cannot afford to do nothing.

Promoting respect for all people, regardless of age, is an important step in reducing the risk and impact of elder abuse.

As the pioneers of the present, the wisdom, experiences and achievements of older people weave together the very fabric of our society.

Come together this World Elder Abuse Awareness Day to raise awareness of elder abuse and spend time reflecting on the contributions of older people to our communities.

Because we know it is those who are empowered and supported speak out against abuse and mistreatment. We all have the power to make change and build respectful, inclusive, and connected communities.


Last published: 21/02/2024 1:33:32 AM