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How can a Public Trustee Building Inspector support vulnerable Queenslanders?

The Public Trustee offers a range of professional support services that assist our financial management customers with matters including asset maintenance. Our dedicated team of Building Inspectors is there to ensure customers receive professional advice, service and support when it comes to their properties. For customers like Jack, it has made all the difference in maintaining financial security and wellbeing.

We all have the right to be heard and understood

Today is the United Nation’s International Day of Tolerance – a reminder about the importance of respecting human rights and the opinions of others to encourage equality and diversity in our communities.

Celebrating Financial Independence

Two years ago, we developed our Financial Independence Pathway program to support our financial management customers who were seeking to gain greater control of their money. Since then, 19 of our customers have achieved financial independence and 77 customers are currently participating in the program.

Did you know you can reactivate an estate years after it’s been administered?

Sometimes, many years after an estate is administered, it can be reactivated. In these instances, Trust Officers find themselves reconnecting with beneficiaries, often to provide good news.

The path to financial independence

The Public Trustee Queensland has introduced a Financial Independence Pathway program to support our Financial Management customers who are seeking greater control of their money. Here’s a recent case study that shows the difference this can make to someone’s life.

Small steps make a big difference

Colin* was an avid gardener all his life and was very upset when, due to health complications, he was unable to get down to his own backyard from his house. His garden was down some steep stairs that he was no longer able to navigate.

Getting Betty home

When Betty became unwell, her mobility was impacted. Her shower was located over a high-sided bath and she was unable to access it. Because she was keen to stay in her own home, Betty worked with her Trust Officer and her support network to explore options to make her home more accessible.

Nicole’s Christmas wish

The Public Trustee was appointed to support Nicole with her finances due to health concerns which prevented her from working and left her without the capacity to manage her finances on her own.

Estate search reunites long-lost loved ones

Sometimes a magical thing happens inside the Public Trustee that changes peoples’ lives forever.

When there is nobody else to help

David* was born with cerebral palsy. He is 45 years old, has limited movement and no speech, and he lives in a residential aged care home. He was institutionalised at a very young age and has no support from family or friends.

Going the extra mile to improve quality of life

Mark* is 38 years old and has spent the last 15 years in an aged care facility after a car accident left him paralysed and with severe brain damage.

Suzanne* gets the support she needs

Suzanne* is 42 years old and has an intellectual disability. She lived with her mother from the time she was born until Suzanne’s mother died unexpectedly. Left alone and without her mother to take care of her, Suzanne became very sick and was admitted to hospital.

Richard* takes control with support from a new Financial Independence Program

Richard*, who has a cognitive disability, has worked with his support network to gain financial independence.
Last published: 7/04/2021 4:10:01 AM