How can a Public Trustee Building Inspector support vulnerable Queenslanders?

23 November 2022

The Public Trustee offers a range of professional support services that assist our financial management customers with matters including asset maintenance. Our dedicated team of Building Inspectors is there to ensure customers receive professional advice, service and support when it comes to their properties. For customers like Jack, it has made all the difference in maintaining financial security and wellbeing.

Here is Jack’s story. 

*Jack lives in his own home and relies on income from an investment property to support him financially. In early 2022, Jack’s investment property was damaged by flood water and his tenants were forced to find alternative accommodation – impacting on his regular income.

Jack’s Trust Officer immediately helped him file a claim with his insurance company. The insurance assessors advised they would cover the flood damage. However, Jack was told his roof damage was not covered, claiming it was in a state of disrepair prior to the floods.

Our Building Inspectors were called on by the Trust Officer to assess the property and provide a report. They identified that the condition of the roof prior to the floods was worn, but there was no sign of it leaking before the floods. On receipt of the report from our Building Inspectors, the insurance company re-assessed the claim and advised it would pay the claim in full. The damage to Jack’s property has since been rectified and it is now fully tenanted – providing Jack with much needed income.

Last published: 2/04/2024 4:47:50 AM