Richard* takes control with support from a new Financial Independence Program

7 August 2021

*name changed

Richard, who has a cognitive disability, has worked with his support network to gain financial independence.

When the Public Trustee was appointed by the Queensland Civil Administrative Tribunal (the Tribunal) to support Richard in making decisions about his finances, he began working with his Public Trust Officer and broader support network to manage his budget.

After just one year of support and assistance from his Public Trust Officer, the Tribunal recommended the Public Trustee give Richard more control over his money. Richard was very excited about the possibility of regaining his financial independence.

Richard was supported to set up a savings account, internet banking and gain an understanding of how to manage his budget.

With increasing confidence, Richard was able to apply to the Tribunal to regain full control of his finances. Richard explained to the Tribunal how he was managing his money, including his personal expenditure.

The Tribunal found that Richard was now able to manage his own money and that he knew how to ask for help if he needed it.

Richard’s case is a great example of what can be achieved when the Public Trustee works with a customer towards a common goal to increase their control of their financial wellbeing.

The Public Trustee’s Financial Independence Program aims to help more people to develop skills to manage their own finances.

The Public Trustee is appointed by the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (the Tribunal) to administer the finances of people who have an impaired capacity for decision-making. The Public Trustee’s Vision is ‘Security and peace of mind’, having regard to the human rights of every person.

Last published: 2/04/2024 4:47:51 AM