The path to financial independence

6 October 2022

The Public Trustee Queensland has introduced a Financial Independence Pathway program to support our Financial Management customers who are seeking greater control of their money. Here’s a recent case study that shows the difference this can make to someone’s life.  

Jamie* was only 19 when he was referred to the Public Trustee. He was on a disability pension and had experienced a very difficult past. From 2015 and up until 2021, Jamie was going through a difficult time with the authorities and the Public Trustee was looking after his finances. When Jamie approached the Public Trustee in 2021 determined to turn his life around and take control of his own finances, his Trust Officer jumped at the opportunity to help him and support him in achieving his goal.

Jamie's Trust Officer placed him on the Financial Independence Pathway program, and his first successful task was completing his own application for a disability support pension, which had been suspended.

Jamie then started paying his own bills and successfully managed his own finances for eight months. When Jamie was ready, he applied to QCAT asking to have his guardianship with the Public Trustee revoked, his Trust Officer fully supported his request as it was clear that Jamie was ready to be independent and take full control of his finances.

When Jamie's request was granted, he addressed the QCAT Member and said the support he'd received from his Trust Officer had greatly assisted him in becoming a responsible adult.

Today, Jamie is financially independent, engaged to be married and has a new baby on the way.

This goes to show what we can achieve with our customers when they know they are fully supported.

Find out more about the Steps to Financial Independence Pathway program Steps to Financial Independence Pathway - The Public Trustee of Queensland (

Last published: 2/04/2024 4:47:51 AM