How does the Public Trustee of Queensland invest customer administered funds?

The Public Trustee of Queensland is committed to being transparent about how it invests customer funds, and the associated fees and costs of investments.

Most of the funds held on behalf of Public Trustee customers, including long-term Estates Under Administration, including Financial Management, Minors Trusts and Enduring Power of Attorney Matters, are administered in accordance with our Customer Investment Strategy (found in our Prudent Person Manual). Under our Strategy, we invest customers' funds into our Common Fund and Growth Trust managed portfolios.  These two managed portfolios are explained below.

Common Fund

The Public Trustee is required by legislation to hold all money in the Common Fund, and invest it.  The Common Fund portfolio is managed by a mixture of internally managed funds and funds invested through QIC Limited (QIC) as the Investment Manager. QIC is a government owned corporation established in 1991 and is a leading provider of investment management services to government entities, superannuation funds and other institutional investors. 

Returns on the investment of the Common Fund are earned by investing in cash, fixed interest products and QIC diversified funds.

Growth Trust

The Growth Trust is an investment fund which provides a fully diversified investment strategy for those seeking long-term income and capital growth. QIC is also the Investment Manager of the Growth Trust. The Public Trustee is the trustee and manager of the Growth Trust, and is responsible for deciding the investment objectives and strategy, arranging for the proper investment of all monies, and ensuring that the Investment Manager achieves acceptable rates of return.

Investment in the Growth Trust is only available to customers whose financial affairs are under administration by the PTQ.

The Public Trustee periodically distributes investment returns from both portfolios to customers’ accounts, depending on the investment product.  We also use some of the investment returns to fund the continued operations of the Public Trustee.

By investing customer-administered funds through both the Common Fund and Growth Trust portfolios, the Public Trustee helps customers obtain the benefit of increased investment returns through economy of scale and structured investment strategies. 

Information about returns achieved on customer administered investments and associated costs information is further disclosed in the Public Trustee Growth Trust Product Information Statement and Additional Information Document, in addition to our Annual Report.

Further information about accessing, monitoring and governance on your investments can be found online here. If you would like to more information about how your money as a customer will be invested by the Public Trustee, and the likely returns on the investment, please download the Customer Administered Investment Return and Associated Costs document.  

Last published: 4/07/2023 4:38:57 AM