Our Finances

The Public Trust Office publishes a range of financial information including:

Financial reporting

Financial Reporting information for the Public Trust Office is available in a number of publications including:

Annual Reports

The annual report summarises the Public Trust Office’s financial and corporate performance for the year. The report enables the Queensland community and government to assess our financial and operational performance.

The Public Trustee annual reports can be found in the Annual Report area.

Annual Service Delivery Statements

The Service Delivery Statement (SDS) provides the community and other interested parties with information on the proposed use of financial resources, and outcomes to be achieved, in the following financial year. The SDS also provides a summary of achievement against the previous years published budget and planned outcomes.

A critical part of the State Budget, the SDS is the primary source of information for the hearings of the Parliamentary Estimates Committees. These hearings examine the funding provided in the State Budget to each Ministerial portfolio and take place following the presentation of the Budget.

The SDS is also used by Members of Parliament, the media, the public and other interested parties for obtaining information on key strategies of individual Queensland Government agencies.

The SDS has replaced the previously published Ministerial Portfolio Statement.

PDF documents

Some documents listed in the publications scheme are currently only available as PDF. Should you have difficulty accessing this information please contact the Right to Information Coordinator, who will endeavour to meet any reasonable request for an alternate version of the document without charge.

Last published: 15/02/2022 3:29:55 AM