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Making a Will is an entirely personal activity, which puts you in control of what happens to your possessions after you die. Your Will can have multiple beneficiaries, including leaving money to a cause close to your heart by way of a one-off donation or, depending on the organisation, a gift that can keep giving for many years.

Queensland Public Trustee (QPT) acts as trustee for a number of charitable trusts within the state. In this article, we unpack these trusts in more detail and the incredible contribution they make to our communities across Queensland.

Queensland Gives is a public fund bringing together community, business, education and government leaders to further charitable causes and build social infrastructure through sub funds. Queensland Gives is a perpetual fund, meaning current and future generations are supported through this investment, and charities with a Deductable Gift Recipient Status 1 are encouraged to apply for grants annually.

The Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation (QATSIF) is another perpetual charitable trust that provides First Nations students with educational scholarships to help them achieve their Queensland Certificate of Education. It also partners with the wider community, private sector, philanthropic organisations and educational and financial sectors to create opportunities for young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders.

Ongoing financial support is crucial for the increasing number of Queenslanders who are at risk of homelessness. The Lady Bowen Trust supports those who are experiencing, or are at risk of, homelessness through the distribution of grants to eligible organisations throughout Queensland. These micro grants can be used to buy simple, yet impactful, items for those in need, such as a washing machine or children’s beds.

The Forde Foundation helps to improve the quality of life for Forgotten Australians and other people that suffered abuse or neglect in care. The income generated from the investment of this capital by QPT is distributed through a grants program to individuals for health and wellness, personal development, and social support.

Lucie Russell, Manager Trust Management at QPT, notes that it’s the intention that counts.

“In 2022 – 2023 alone, Queensland Public Trustee administered more than $170 million for charitable trusts. You don’t need to leave a large sum of money to make an impact, every contribution, no matter how small, counts and supports the extraordinary work these charities do.”

These are just some of the organisations you might like to support through your Will. If this is something you’re considering, be sure to explain this to whoever manages your Will so that the right wording is used, and your wishes are clear. For more information on charitable trusts visit: Trusts - The Public Trustee of Queensland (

Published: The Senior – December 2023


First prize Year 7, QATSIF Creative Arts Competition 2023, Justin Doyle, Wadja Wadja High School.

First prize Year 7, QATSIF Creative Arts Competition 2023, Justin Doyle, Wadja Wadja High School.

Last published: 21/02/2024 1:33:32 AM