Public Trustee Customers First promise published in new Social Responsibility Charter

6 April 2021

Being socially and fiscally responsive, making decisions that enhance the dignity, rights and interests of Queenslanders, and continuous improvement are just some of the core principles of the Public Trustee’s customer commitment outlined in the agency’s first Social Responsibility Charter.

Acting Public Trustee and CEO, Samay Zhouand said the needs of our customers, the people of Queensland, and particularly those most vulnerable, must always be at the core of our service delivery.

“With the recent introduction of the Human Rights Act and our Customers First strategic direction, we have documented our commitment to engage with, and enhance the lives of, our customers, staff and the community,” Mr Zhouand said.

“Our staff will use the key principles that our corporate social responsibility is based upon.”

These are:

Customers First: We are responsive and treat our customers with respect whilst making a positive difference to the lives of Queenslanders. Our customers are at the centre of all we do.

Leadership: We value diversity and our employees are safe and respected. We are focused on continuous improvement.

Integrity: We are open and transparent, ensure good corporate governance and we act ethically at all times.

Financially Responsible: We are efficient and financially responsible, only charging customers for the services they require. Our fees and charges are transparent.

Care for the Community: We are inclusive with our customers and their support network and we contribute to our communities through our work.

Engagement: We engage meaningfully with the community to improve quality of life for Queenslanders.

“Combined with our Strategic Plan, the Social Responsibility Charter delivers on our vision to provide security and peace of mind for Queenslanders and to provide respected, valuable services for the Queensland community into the future.”

View the Public Trustee’s Social Responsibility Charter here

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