Public Trustee placed a focus on innovation in 2020-21

30 September 2021

The Public Trustee is pleased to release the 2020-21 Annual Report.

The Annual Report showcases the continual commitment to the Public Trustee vision to provide security and peace of mind to Queenslanders.

Organisational innovation was a key area of focus in 2020-21, further supporting positive outcomes for customers.

The continuation of the Customers First Agenda and the introduction of the Customers First Strategy, has placed a focus on continuing to review and improve the Public Trustee customer experience and customer outcomes.

In 2020-21, the Public Trustee delivered a number of service improvements and innovations, including:

  • state-wide community education programs to support Queenslanders to engage in advance life planning at all stages of life, focusing on protecting Queenslanders and reducing the instances of elder abuse in our communities.
  • the launch of a series of Easy English materials co-designed with customers, focusing on accessible communication and simplified content to increase transparency and engagement with Public Trustee services.
  • increasing customer’s financial independence through the Financial Independence Pathway program to support customers to regain control of their finances, with six individuals achieving independence through QCAT in 2021.
  • the introduction of new service improvements for customers, such as a tap-and-go debit card, giving our customers more choices, and supporting customers to develop their money management skills.

Over the past 12 months the Public Trustee has strengthened the focus on customer-centric service delivery, educating communities about advance life planning, and protecting Queenslanders from elder abuse.

Events over the last 18 months have highlighted the need for all to be connected and supported through all stages of life.

The Public Trustee has been challenged to innovate and respond to support the emerging needs of Queenslanders to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Service models and interactions have changed to provide Queenslanders uninterrupted service delivery, moving to online service delivery with the introduction of online appointment bookings and over the phone Will appointments - providing vital services to even the most remote places in Queensland.

The Public Trustee makes up an important part of Queensland’s Guardianship system that provides essential protections and services to Queenslanders for more than 100 years.

As an organisation, the first priority is to help keep Queenslanders safe though the responsibilities as a trustee, advance life planning services and community education function across the state.

The Public Trustee Annual Report is available online –


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