Celebrating Financial Independence

4 November 2022

Two years ago, we developed our Financial Independence Pathway program to support our financial management customers who were seeking to gain greater control of their money. Since then, 19 of our customers have achieved financial independence and 77 customers are currently participating in the program.

If you want to know how the program works and the difference it’s making to customers’ lives read Justin’s story here.

When Justin* was appointed to the Public Trustee by QCAT in 2010, he had a long history of substance abuse. He spent many years in and out of rehabilitation but always remained optimistic about the future and hopeful he could achieve a clean lifestyle and the bright future he dreamed of.

During Justin's time with the Public Trustee he went through many highs and lows as a result of relapse. His Public Trust Officers provided as much assistance and support as possible during his ups and downs - always encouraging him to succeed.

After remaining clean for 12 months, Justin joined our Financial Independence Pathway and began paying his own bills. When he felt he was ready, Justin applied to QCAT and requested a Declaration of Capacity.

The Public Trustee fully supported Justin’s request and his Trust Officer accompanied him to the hearing. Everyone was overjoyed when Justin was successful with his application to have his guardianship with the Public Trustee revoked.

For more information on this program visit: Steps to Financial Independence Pathway - The Public Trustee of Queensland (pt.qld.gov.au)

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