Jack* was going through a period of immense grief, when he went from being a somewhat eccentric collector to an extreme hoarder.

At the time, Jack owned two properties in a blue-chip Brisbane suburb, one of which he rented out to supplement his income and the other he lived in. When his home became too full of collectables, he moved into his rental property and began living without an income.

Council intervened by declaring Jack's property a health hazard. Not long after, he was hospitalized with severe malnourishment, which had impaired his decision-making capacity. 

The Queensland Public Trustee organised assistance for Jack through the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) and they became involved while he was in hospital.

We then worked to resolve income support for him through Centrelink and sourced a place for him in an aged care respite facility. While in respite, Jack received the medical attention and social reconnection necessary to regain his health.

Working collaboratively with Jack, we organised a clean-up of both his properties and held several meetings with Jack and his support worker at his property to enable him to identify the items he wanted to keep, including many of his artworks and travel memorabilia.

In 2021, Jack decided to sell his rental property and it was sold for significantly more than the valuation. Importantly, this meant Jack now had the financial means to support himself.

Jack’s mental health continued to improve, and he was assessed in 2022 as having regained capacity to live in the community again with support, and was able to return home.  

Over the period in respite, Jack’s physical mobility deteriorated. His existing home was no longer suitable for his needs due to the stairs and a lack of room for a live-in carer.

The Queensland Public Trustee continued working with Jack and his support network and the next step was to find out where he wanted to live. 

At Jack’s request, we assisted in locating homes in the areas he chose that were suited to his needs and expressed wishes. Jack recently purchased a new home, and is moving into his house in June, along with his personal effects, artwork and furnishings.

Jack's remaining property is being put on the market and is expected to provide him with an ongoing comfortable income. This will allow him to maintain or continue to improve his independence. Jack is excited about moving into his new home and he's very grateful for the support he's received.

Helping Jack is a wonderful example of the important work we do for those in need.

Last published: 2/04/2024 4:47:50 AM