Making and storing your Will with the Public Trustee

Each year the Public Trustee helps more than 25,000 people create or update their Will as a free community service for Queenslanders.

Over 1.2 million of Queenslanders last wishes are securely stored in the Public Trustee’s  Wills bunker, providing peace of mind that their valuable documents are stored safely and  will stand the test of time.

The Public Trustee’s Will bunker has capacity to  house up to 2 million documents, with all Wills stored in National Archive Australia’s 500 year standard cartons. The bunker features fire suppression and temperature control to mitigate the risk of cyclone, fire and flood.

It’s estimated that only 50 percent of Queenslanders have a valid and up-to-date Will,  increasing the risk that  people’s estates may not be distributed the way they would have liked,  which could add additional burden  on those they love.

Creating your Will allows you to legally state your wishes, outlining how you would like your assets distributed and who you would like these to go to. You are also able to name who you would like to administer your estate, as well as:

  • Name guardians for your children
  • Establish a trust
  • Ensure assets are preserved
  • Express funeral arrangement wishes
  • Give money to charity

Raising awareness about the importance of having a valid Will, and making sure it’s as easy as possible to update your wishes is an important role for the Public Trustee within the community.

Your Will should be updated to remain valid and reflect the changes in your life. Some important life stages that signify it might be time to update your Will are:

  • Marriage or divorce
  • Birth of a child or grandchild
  • Changes to financial status
  • Buying or selling a house
  • Death of a beneficiary or executor

To make a will visit your local solicitor or contact the Public Trustee. The process generally only takes an hour, and you’ll leave with a certified copy of your Will.

To learn more about preparing your Will, click here.

To book your appointment, call us on 1300 360 044 or book online.

Through our community service obligations, the Public Trustee gives back more than $30 million to Queenslanders each year.

Last published: 16/09/2020 11:55:17 PM