A ‘trust’ is a situation where a person or organisation is appointed to hold money or property on behalf of a beneficiary. Trusts can be established for reasons including:

  • preservation of assets
  • tax planning
  • providing for children or those with disabilities
  • charitable causes.

We act as independent trustee for many trusts—from big philanthropic trusts like Queensland Gives, through to smaller family trusts.

If you choose to name the Public Trustee as the trustee of your trust, we offer a professional administrative service at a competitive fee, appointing an experienced trust officer to manage your trust impartially and in line with the terms of the trust.

To find out more about establishing a trust or nominating the Public Trustee as the trustee of your established trust, please call 1300 360 044.

Read our Trusts FAQ

Charitable trusts

The Public Trustee is Trustee for the following five leading philanthropic charitable Trusts in Queensland.

Queensland Gives

Established in 1997, Queensland Gives provides a permanent source of philanthropic funding for charitable organisations. This enables them to respond to the needs of the Queensland community. The Trust achieves this through investing donations, distributing income and providing grants to charities.

Learn more about Queensland Gives.

Lady Bowen Trust

The Lady Bowen Trust was established in 2006 and aims to re-engage people experiencing chronic homelessness, or who are at risk of homelessness, to achieve genuine, positive and lasting outcomes. The Trust partners with established charitable organisations, such as Mission Australia, to provide targeted and flexible support according to individual client needs.

Learn more about the Lady Bowen Trust.

Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation (QATSIF)

The Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation is an independent public trust established in 2008, which aims to provide young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders with secure funding through scholarships to assist them in their senior years of education.

Learn more about the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Foundation (QATSIF).

The Forde Foundation

The Forde Foundation was established in August 2000 in response to the findings of the Commission of Inquiry into Abuse of Children in Queensland Institutions, better known as the Forde Inquiry. The foundation provides a small grants program to former residents of Queensland institutional care, in specific areas such as dental, health and wellness and education and employment related training.

Learn more about The Forde Foundation.

Gladstone Foundation

Established as a perpetual Trust in 2011, the Gladstone Foundation enhances the liveability of Gladstone communities by providing social infrastructure and service needs in the Gladstone region. Specific purposes of the trust are relieving poverty, assisting the aged, relieving sickness or distress, advancing religion and education, providing childcare services on a non-profit basis and other purposes which benefit the Gladstone Region.

Learn more about Gladstone Foundation.

Making a trust a beneficiary of your estate

When making your Will with the Public Trustee, you can nominate charitable Trusts as beneficiaries of your estate, commonly known as a bequest.

To find out more about nominating one of the charitable Trusts above as the beneficiary of your estate, let us know during your Will making appointment.

Last published: 7/12/2023 3:16:08 AM