Private administrators

Private administrators means individuals acting as administrator under an Order of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. Private administrators are required, pursuant the Guardianship and Administration Act 2000 and Presidential Direction 1 of 2003, to keep detailed accounts of administration on behalf of an adult. This means keeping full details and records of the adult’s assets (what they own), liabilities (what they owe), income (what they earn) and expenses (what they spend).

An account of administration is to be provided to the Tribunal on an annual basis, eight weeks before the date of the anniversary of the appointment unless the Tribunal has instructed otherwise. Where the adult’s estate is valued at over $50,000 (excluding the adult’s principal place of residence/nursing home bond) the accounts of administration are provided to a member of the Tribunal’s panel of examiners using the account by administrator form.

As an approved examiner, The Public Trust Office provides a service of examining private administrators’ accounts. Upon completion of the examination of accounts, a Report is prepared and submitted to the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal. An invoice for payment of the Public Trustee's fee for service is sent to the private administrator for payment from the adult’s funds.

Should you select the Public Trust Office as your preferred examiner, accounts are to be submitted on the approved forms and forwarded to:

Public Trustee of Queensland
Administration Accounts Assistance
GPO Box 1449

Telephone: 1300 360 044 (free call) or (07) 3564 2148
Fax: (07) 3213 9262

Further information can be obtained from the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Last published: 11/03/2020 4:06:11 AM