Grandparents seen as the key to reach young people this National Wills Week

A reported one in five Queenslanders pass away each year without a valid Will, with a staggering portion of these adults falling within the 18- to 25-year age bracket.

The Public Trustee of Queensland, Samay Zhouand, said he’s hoping to dispel any misconceptions that advance life planning is reserved for the elderly.

To help achieve this, he’s looking to enlist the state’s grandparents to spread the message.

“Advance life planning is an uncomfortable subject for most people, but we’re growing increasingly concerned for our younger Queenslanders,” said Mr Zhouand.

“We’re hoping there’s a conversation that can be had by grandparents, to help normalise Wills and the importance of future-proofing our plans.”

Queensland Public Trustee, Executive Director of Customer Service, Elaine Galvin said that a common misconception among 18- to 25-year-old Queenslanders is that they don’t have enough to warrant a Will.

“We all remember what it’s like when we are young, working hard to build our personal assets like our first car, our savings account or even adopting our very own pet,” said Mrs Galvin.

“But what can easily be overlooked are unexpected insurance payouts, the value of collectable items and extended family estates where the young person is a named beneficiary.”

“The conversations that happen between grandparents and their grandchildren help to break down misconceptions, normalise the advance life planning conversation, and reiterate the importance of having your assets and wishes documented in a valid and current Will,” she said.

This renewed push for Queenslanders to reengage with Will-making and estate planning comes as the country gears up for the inaugural National Wills Week.

It’s set to kick off on Monday 11 September, and run through to 17 September.

For more information and resources about advance life planning, visit the Queensland Public Trustee website Home - The Public Trustee of Queensland ( or consult your solicitor.

Last published: 21/02/2024 1:33:32 AM