Trustee House is on the move

16 September 2021

The Public Trustee have recently announced the Brisbane headquarters move from the long-standing Queensland Trustee House located at 444 Queen Street Brisbane CBD.

Built over 45 years ago, the 23-level office has been the Public Trustee’s home to many changes including the Public Curator changing name to the Public Trustee in 1978 and the Public Trustee celebrating its 100th birthday in 2016.

While much of the interior has been renovated since construction, Trustee House was originally fitted out with green counter tops, filled with mustard tones and yellow stained glass throughout, that truly reflected the popular interior look of the 70’s.

The Public Trustee and CEO Samay Zhouand said there is some mixed emotions leaving the Brisbane CBD Trustee House.

“444 Queen Street holds almost 50 years of Public Trustee history and serving Queenslanders.

“However, I am pleased to announce the Public Trustee will be moving to 410 Ann Street, in the Brisbane CBD,” Mr Zhouand said.

Mr Zhouand said much consideration went into the decision about the Public Trustee move.

“This historical relocation is an important step to ensuring our customers are provided with accessible and contemporary customer service centres that meet the needs of Queenslanders.

“Our move is another part of our transformation journey, ensuring the Public Trustee is a sustainable organisation that will be here to support Queenslanders for generations to come,” he said.

Moving preparations at the Public Trustee have commenced, however an official relocation date is yet to be announced.

The Public Trustee and CEO Samay Zhouand said customers, stakeholders and Public Trustee staff will be informed of an official timeline in the near future.

“We will continue to work with our customers, stakeholders and staff to ensure there is minimal disruption to any of our service delivery,” He said.



Media contact:
Eamonn Dwyer
Media Manager – Public Trustee
0466 320 688

Last published: 21/02/2024 1:33:33 AM