Hidden Disabilities – Achieving the Best Outcomes for Jarrah

Jarrah* and his support group contacted Queensland Public Trustee in early-2023 after receiving an unsuccessful application outcome from the NDIA for NDIS support.

Jarrah was living with a hidden disability and had trouble independently organising health and disability services to meet his daily needs. Jarrah knew he needed access to NDIS assistance, and that he was eligible to apply again if he met the requirements.

To assist with another NDIS application, Jarrah believed he needed to self-fund his own costly Occupational Therapy and Psychology diagnostic assessments.

The team of Trust Officers and Disability Support Offers at Queensland Public Trustee discussed the situation with Jarrah and his support network, to fully unpack the previous unsuccessful application, and find areas that additional information or clarity could be provided.

The team identified that it was not essential for Jarrah to self-fund the Occupational Therapy assessments to meet the NDIS access requirements - in fact, these tests could be completed with NDIS funding once Jarrah was onboarded into the scheme.

Queensland Public Trustee was determined to maximise Jarrah’s chances of a successful application, while minimising the costs to him where possible. After discussing multiple options, the team identified a private healthcare organisation that offered free NDIS application specialist support via their charitable ‘ministry services’.

Jarrah worked with the organisation to complete a new, successful NDIS application, free of charge, and he accessed their Psychology Diagnostic tests at a reduced cost. Jarrah is now part of the scheme and getting the community and social support he needs to live a full and supported life with his hidden disabilities.

*Name changed for privacy


Last published: 2/04/2024 4:47:50 AM