We help to protect Queenslanders from elder abuse

Sadly, elder abuse is a serious and growing concern in our community with more than 25,000 unreported cases in Queensland alone.

It is vital that we all continue to raise awareness and help our aging Queenslanders to live their life free from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

If you see the signs of financial abuse, one of the best ways to make it stop is to talk to the Public Trustee.

When it’s time to get help to manage your affairs, the Public Trustee can provide you with the independent management of your finances, such as an enduring power of attorney. Our role helps to ensure that your money is available for you, when you need it, and you can pay for the things you need.

Each year the Public Trustee manages the finances of thousands of vulnerable Queenslanders with reduced decision making capacity, and we advocate on behalf of those who have fallen victim to the misappropriation of funds.

An enduring power of attorney allows you to appoint another person to act on your behalf if you are unable to do so in the future. Many people feel they cannot rely on those closest to them and ask the Public Trustee to fill this gap.

The Public Trustee can assist you with the preparation of an enduring power of attorney or if you choose, we can also be appointed to act impartially as your attorney for financial matters.

The Public Trustee is a Queensland Statutory Authority that has supported Queenslanders for 103 years.

A good example of the important work we do to protect elderly Queenslanders from abuse can be seen in this recent news article ‘Power of attorney allegedly used to defraud elderly woman of nearly $3 million’.  Unfortunately this story, where a relative or friend appointed as power of attorney misappropriates an innocent person’s finances, is all too common. In this case, the actions of the Public Trustee and the Public Guardian helped lead to an arrest.

To find out more about the services the Public Trustee provides contact: 1300 360 044 or click here.

The Public Trustee is a self-funded, independent body and some fees do apply.

Last published: 15/04/2024 11:21:12 PM